Annechka - because I have two "n's" in my passport, and just because I like it better that way.


And the story is that in the summer of 2018 I was asked to be the second camera at the wedding, I was worried, I approached the case with interest, studied the market and what I like and what I do not like. And there was almost nothing that exactly met my ideal idea of a wedding video, then everything spun, a year I shot weddings and tried to bring them to my picture out of my head, came out well, I had my own style "beautiful as in the movies, but like a drunk friend shot," which in the process and the result liked me and found cool people who it suited.


After a year, I began to plug photography into my life, I began to study and immerse myself a lot in the theme of femininity, bodily and acceptance of self, invited girls to portrait shoots, hollered in my head the idea of a photo project about women and their natural beauty (wow), but it ended up that I just completely moved into photography, and a deeper dive into bodily, sexuality and intimacy.


Now my main creative direction in photography is nude people and couples, interest in themselves and their bodies, people interacting with each other, openness to each other, including in the presence of an outsider watching.


My photography is telling the story of a person's love for a person, for their body, their own, and the other's. It is a story of accepting oneself, one's being, and others as they are. It is a story of beauty and of love itself in its essence, which "never ceases."