✔ The shooting not strictly limited by time, on average it takes 1.5-2 hours
✔ shooting takes place at your home or in nature, it's possible to go to the nearest suburb
✔ long distance shooting considered +30% of the cost + transportation and lunch :)
✔ ready photos within 2 weeks, in quantity minimum 50 pcs.
✔ I send a few pictures in the evening after shooting

For couple




limitted B&W shooting 150€, text me for more details




from 350€

✔ photoshoot of "the official part" of the marriage registration, photos with guests, "love story" for the couple
✔ couple shooting takes place at your home or in nature, it is possible to go to the nearest suburb
✔ long distance shooting is discussed individually and is counted from +20% of the cost of shooting + transportation and lunch :)
✔ ready photos I send within 2 weeks, in quantity from 120 pcs.
✔ I send a few pictures in the evening after shooting

✔ Full wedding day shooting is calculated individually from 100€/hour

Before the shooting we discuss clothing and the place where everything will take place, it can be a photo studio, location in the city or outdoors, at your home, in a rented apartment or any other suitable location.


The duration of the shoot is not limited by time, but a minimum of 40 minutes is necessary, and preferably not less than an hour and a half. In the process, we "live" rather than get into specific poses with a smiley face, so we end at a time when you want or are tired of being under the camera, or when I am sure there is enough material.


There are no models in my photos on my website and instagram page, they are all real regular people, most of the time who came to the photo shoot for the first time. So do not be afraid of "bad" pictures if you suddenly have never been photographed before, I am an experienced professional and always give confidently good results.


During the shoot itself, I always give direction and movement, and discreetly direct the process if I see that you feel unsure or stiff. Moreover, you can always say to me "Anya, I don't know what to do right now, help me!" and I'll be happy to help you. I am pleasant and easy to talk to, because I am small in stature, quite funny and often make ridiculously unfunny jokes, so you won't get bored.


And it will be great if the process will be no less important and enjoyable for you than the result, which you will then see. By the way, about the result: I send you the photos within 2 weeks, starting from 50pc (120+ wedding photos), and I also send you 3-5 photos right after the shooting ❤


If you still have any questions or doubts, please email me on any social networking site convenient for you and we will discuss everything again.


A photo shoot is often challenging, it's a certain amount of stress (it doesn't always work for everyone!) that you have to experience during the few hours of intense camera and photographer attention on you. And I want to be a good friend to you who is willing to share this unpleasant experience and, conversely, turn it into a warm new experience.

Hourly cost of shooting for brands, advertising projects or wedding banquet discussed individually, 150€/hour - for 2-3 hours and 100€/hour for 4+ hours

I work with prepayment, click here